clinic treatment of masticatory dysfunction


Speech therapy and neurological therapy for correction of speech defects, chewing, swallowing, verticalization of the tongue. Designing custom speech therapy tools.


Author’s Orthodontic Practice

We offer a full range of dental services. Advanced orthodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, restorative dentistry, surgery, whitening and much more.






Discopathy? Sciatica? Joint pains? Postural defects and headaches? We will select the right type of therapy, individually for each patient.

Comprehensive dental practice with 20 years of experience

We have created a clinic where the process of orthodontic treatment is part of a whole, holistic therapy. Words combining experience with knowledge, passion with philosophy, science and its practical application. Thanks to the synergy of cooperation between speech therapist, orthodontist and physiotherapist, the measures taken directly go to the core of the problem. A team of doctors, hygienists and specialists is at your disposal.




He will examine not only the condition of the teeth, but especially the bite structure. If necessary, he will propose orthodontic treatment in order to compensate and correct irregularities. Moreover will also assess the structure and functioning of the temporomandibular joint.


Helps those struggling with speech and communication problems. He diagnoses and works on speech development, provides therapy for disorders, and works preventively.

Woman taping client back


Assesses motor development and physical fitness. Controls muscle tone, just as a speech therapist supports dental treatment. Provides manual therapy.

Dental Care
For The
Whole Family

Years of experience have taught us to keep in mind and respect the preferences of patients who have trusted our expertise. We treat through rehabilitation in cooperation with doctors who specialize in masticatory dysfunctions. We welcome adults and families with children. We start treatment as early as 6 months of age of the patient.

Alicja PłoskaAlicja Płoska
15:41 24 Jul 22
Godni polecenia lekarze-specjaliści i profesjonalne podejście do pacjenta.
Patrycja MazurPatrycja Mazur
22:09 04 Nov 21
I highly recommend. Today we were with my son at the second meeting. The approach of specialists to children (even those lively and outspoken, "because my cheeks do not fall off) is wonderful. I also very positively assess the great knowledge and commitment of the physiotherapist and neurologist (and at the first meeting also the orthodontist). I received specific tips for working with the child at home Ladies from registration helpful and polite.
Agnieszka ZielAgnieszka Ziel
07:55 16 Oct 21
Super service, professional approach to the customer, a very delicately performed service
Sonia SoniaSonia Sonia
13:33 28 May 21
Full professionalism and we were part of the organized free consultation. We have been thoroughly explained what we should do next, so I really recommend it.
Marcin MalczewskiMarcin Malczewski
12:11 11 Mar 21
Professional approach to the patient and care at the highest level! The entire visit went smoothly. A really solid company, a facility worth recommending.

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